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Got Squeaky Jordans?
March 17th, 2010

If you don’t wear your Jordans because they squeak, pay special attention to this story.  The other day this Jordan collector put an ad on Craiglist to sell his Bred Retro Jordan IVs that released back in 1999. He rated them at a 9/10, but the price was only $150… Sounds way too good to be true, right? After doing some digging around, we learned that he’d kept the shoes in his closet for the last 10 years, Deadstock, but when he broke them out on New Years day, they squeaked everytime he took a step. Being the true sneakerheads that we are, JordanDepot gave him some priceless advice that saved him from selling off his Jays and making a huge mistake.  Granted, this isn’t breaking news – many sneaker aficionados already know this – but for those that don’t, take note:

234x60 carmello

To fix your squeaky sneakers, remove the insole from the shoe, and pour a decent amount of baby powder in the bottom. Shake your shoe from left to right, making sure that the baby powder coats the entire bottom inside the shoe. Once the baby powder makes its way through all the cracks and crevices in the shoe, tilt the toe up so that the excess baby powder collects at the heel, and dump that out.  Replace the insole, and continue to rock your OG and Retro Jordans on ninja status.

1999 Bred Retro IV 4 Air Jordans

1999 Bred Retro IV 4 Air Jordans

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