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Louis Equipment
July 30th, 2012

Manny Louis knew that the skills he obtained from the navy would have a place in Hollywood. Home has always been San Pedro for him so working with the sea was natural for Manny. His family’s history consists of generations of ship suppliers, paving the way for Manny, who also followed in the marine business.

Then Hollywood found Manny and away they went…

Starting in 1947, Manny started his own business, Louis Equipment. This company was incorporated in 1949 in California. Manny expanded from purchasing surplus material from the Federal War Assets Administration to supplying international commercial and military provisioning for industrialization projects. Some of his customers have included the French, Argentinian, and South Korean navies, along with many other large scale industries.

This expansion is what allowed him to amass a considerably large inventory that is for rent for the movie and television industries. Give Louis Equipment a call, his nautical know-how and inventory may be just the life preserver your production needs.


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