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Flix FX Inc.
July 31st, 2012

Experience is important with each of the services that cater to the industry. When it comes to Flix FX they have been around the block and back. When you have a chance, take a look at what Marc has worked on himself. His work speaks for itself.

From the kookiest to the coolest Flix FX can mold it, cast it, and vacuum form it. They can work with you from design to model to finished product.

Their list of credits include Stage Shows, Themed Entertainment, Museums, Casinos, Film, Television, Commercials, Trade Shows, Store Displays and so much more.

Do you need your prop motorized? No problem. Need a tube or pipe bending dones just to spec? Just tell them how many and at what angle it needs to be bent. Their team is waiting for a challenge so them that problem. They’ll complete it with a Flix of the wrist.


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